Kelly Reemtsen is best known for her powerful depictions of the modern day woman. 

Strikingly feminine at first glance, with their bodies adorned in fashionable designer dresses and runway-worthy accessories, Reemtsen’s women are not simply pin-up girls or arm candy. They hold objects ranging from dish-rags to chainsaws and address questions about how we define ‘women’s work’ in contemporary life. Anonymous torsos, the women remain beautiful representations of the feminine with which anyone can identify.

Reemtsen is an accomplished painter and printmaker, having under-taken a residency at Venice Printmaking Studio in Italy, studying etchings with Peter Petengill at Wingate Studio in New Hampshire, and screen printing with Tony Clough at Serio Press in Los Angeles. In September 2016, Reemtsen participated in the visiting artist print-making program at the University of Central Florida’s Flying Horse Editions studio.