Nature Observed

Group Exhibition
June 10, 2020

Nature Observed | Group Show

10th June - 30th June 2020


A group show celebrating the abundance of summer and the keenly observed natural world.


This exhibition includes prints and works on paper, all concerned with the careful observation of nature. Works by contemporary artists represented by the gallery are shown alongside beautiful examples by well-known masters of printmaking such as David Hockney, Ellsworth Kelly and Kiki Smith, all of whom have taken solace in the beauty and eminence of nature in different ways.


Whether taking cues from nature's own complex and intricate mark-making, exploring the effects of ever-changing light, or tracing the fluid lines of improbable natural forms, we are captivated by nature's astounding and necessary beauty, where nothing is superfluous.

The show explores a range of mediums, from traditional approaches to printmaking such as etching, woodcut and lithography to pastel, painting, photography and an iPad drawing.