Hurricanes Hardly Ever Happen

Georgie Hopton & Gary Hume
March 30, 2020

Georgie Hopton & Gary Hume | Hurricanes Hardly Ever Happen
28th February - 3rd April 2020


A mark in a drawing by Gary echoed a line, thread or piece of organic matter in a work by mine. Photographs by me echoed drawings by him. Abstract compositions by each of us were distant twins... There are indisputable ties to be found in the work and I think often, clear, shared interests - Georgie Hopton 


Hurricanes Hardly Ever Happen is the first joint exhibition of work by artist couple Georgie Hopton and Gary Hume. The project takes the form of a conversation spanning three decades, from recent work to pieces from the 1990s. Although the artists have been married for over 20 years, they have always pursued separate studio practices and their work has never before been shown together.


The presentation has been curated by Hopton, whose photographs will be shown with her vegetable prints and mixed media collages alongside Hume’s drawings and paintings. The exhibition explores their creative relationship and the subtle synchronicity that runs throughout their work. The show includes a rare example of work created by them both - Love on the Patio (2012)