William Wright

Brushes 2022
Softback 26 pages
Publisher: Lyndsey Ingram
Dimensions: 21 x 14.8 cm

William Wright takes inspiration from his daily life in and around the studio. Working from memory, imagination or direct observation, paintings can evolve over many weeks and months. Small in scale and muted in palette, Wright’s work is imbued with a quiet atmosphere and restrained quality. Often focusing on a single object against a plain background, all extraneous detail is removed.


The artist’s ongoing ‘studio pictures’ series takes the studio envronment itself as its subject. A private sanctuary, it is witness to the repeated routine and ritual of painting and drawing. These images of the artist’s paraphernalia, real or imagined, are essentially about the mercurial act of making and the studio space as home to endless possibilities and encounters.


‘William Wright’s paintings and drawings have for me the same intensity as poems that conjure visual imagery of the world we live in… they have a melancholic ache that comes from someone who is a profound observer’. – Tom Hammick


William Wright (b.1971) is a British painter and printmaker based in South-East London. He studied at Leeds Metropolitan University and has exhibited widely throughout the UK and abroad.


Recent exhibitions include 'The Painter’s Coat', Galerie Ariane C-Y, Paris, 2021, (solo); 'Herbal Remedies', Lyndsey Ingram Gallery, London, 2021; 'Urgemment, Patiement', Galerie Ariane C-Y, Paris, 2020; 'Painting Painting', The Eagle Gallery, London, 2019 and 'From the Studio', The Art Stable, Dorset, 2019, (solo).

William Wright: Brushes 2022
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