Sarah Graham

New Works 2018
Softback 40 pages
Publisher: Lyndsey Ingram
Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm

We are delighted to present this group of recent drawings by Sarah Graham and to be showing her work for the first time in our new gallery. It has been a pleasure and privilege to have worked with Sarah for over a decade and to watch her work continue to evolve. 


The drawings in this exhibition mark an important shift, as it is the first time that she has devoted an entire show to a single subject – the tropical plant, aptly named, Medinilla Magnifica. Sarah has approached the plant from every perspective, using both coloured ink and graphite to depict its many forms. The resulting group of drawings is remarkably diverse but equally compelling. The work she has created is very much like the plant itself – bold, strangely mysterious and undeniably beautiful.

Sarah Graham: New Works 2018
£ 20.00