Miles Aldridge

Process: Vintage Polaroids and Contact Sheets 1999 – 2018
Miles Aldridge: Process: Vintage Polaroids and Contact Sheets 1999 – 2018
Publisher: Lyndsey Ingram
Dimensions: 21 x 15 cm
Pages: 118
£ 20.00

Aptly named ‘Process’, this exhibition of small format photographic works by Miles Aldridge illustrates the artistic journey from initial idea to final image. Through this progression, the image is captured first on Polaroid before being shot on colour negative film. Once processed in his lab, the frames are printed up as contact sheets for the artist to review. After careful edits and annotations, the final image is chosen. Each of these stages is essential to Aldridge’s practice as, unlike most photographers working today, he continues to work with traditional film rather than digitally. A close look at these precursors to his fully realised photographs reveals their own unique character and give us a keen insight into the artist’s working method.