Lyndsey Ingram

Highlights 2016

Publisher: Lyndsey Ingram.

Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm

Pages: 46

Lyndsey Ingram is a London based gallery, specialising in Post-War original prints and works on paper. We are committed to this specialist sector of the art market and have spent the last two decades looking and learning. We hope that this, our first catalogue, establishes the range of work that will define our inventory and shows our commitment to quality and beauty. We are deeply passionate about the material we present and the level of service that we offer.


Although this is just the beginning for our new gallery, we have had incredibly generous support for many years from clients, friends, and colleagues. We would like to thank them all unreservedly for sharing their time, resources, knowledge, and enthusiasm with us. 

Everybody has to start somewhere – and we are so pleased to be starting here.