Miles Aldridge

Please Return Polaroid 2016

Like stills from a film, this selection of unique Polaroid prints by Miles Aldridge are compelling, alluring and brimming with ambiguity. His works possess their own mysterious charisma. Some seem forensic and cold, others glamorous and erotic.


When Aldridge started in the early 1990s, using Polaroid was a standard part of a fashion photographer’s working method. Using a Rolleiflex enabled Aldridge to switch between Polaroid and regular film on the same camera. On set, these instant snapshots develop within minutes, and allow Aldridge to check and manipulate the scene quickly, adjusting set and model before changing to standard film to shoot the final image. As digital photography became increasingly prevalent, this creative process became more specialised, however Aldridge has remained committed to shooting in film, enjoying the 1940s/50s painterly Hollywood aesthetic that celluloid allows. Today, he continues to use Polaroids to pre-check and document his shoots.