Wayne Thiebaud

Prints 2017
Digital catalogue

We are delighted to present this catalogue of works by Wayne Thiebaud. This is a particularly special group, as the majority of the prints here come from an American private collection and were acquired directly from the artist’s studio.


Thiebaud’s work marries a sophisticated formal concern with exploring light and volume, with deceptively simple depictions of everyday objects. It is as though he is saying to the viewer that art can be found all around us, in the objects we take for granted in our daily lives, in the diners and dime stores of America. To this end, he is famous for his images of gumball machines, pie plates, and lollypops, all of which can be found in this current group.


In addition to such still-life subjects, Thiebaud is also known for his landscapes. The artist moved to California before his first birthday and continues to live and work there today. The dramatic hillsides of San Francisco and the lush surrounding countryside feature in these prints.


This group of prints is also notable for the range of mediums the artist employs. Throughout his career, Thiebaud has turned his hand to every major print technique – etching, woodcut, screenprint, linocut – all of which are represented here.


His technical facility as a print maker, his incredible ability as a draftsman, and the enduring appeal of his subject matter make Thiebaud one of our most cherished and important printmakers working today.