Henri Matisse – Etchings from the Collection of J. Kasmin 2018
Text by Ann Dumas

Publisher: Lyndsey Ingram.

Dimensions: 21 x 16 cm

Pages: 60

It is a great privilege that we are able to present this exquisite group of Matisse etchings on our 2018 Masterpiece booth.


Collected over three decades by the veteran London dealer John Kasmin, these works were each carefully chosen by his unequivocal eye and discerning aesthetic. Delicate, intimate and extremely rare, these etchings were all bought for Kasmin’s personal collection and the entire group hung elegantly along the stairwell of his home for many years.


It is fitting that such intimate works should have lived for so long in such an intimate setting – much admired by his many visitors and sitting perfectly amongst the countless treasures that define Kasmin’s eclectic collection and fill his stunning London house.