Georgie Hopton

Within a Budding Grove 2019
Text by Louisa Buck

Publisher: Lyndsey Ingram.

Dimensions: 21 x 16 cm

Pages: 64

In life and in art, everything comes in its own time. When I first saw Georgies work many years ago, I was immediately impressed. The tension between refined and raw was so compelling and I found myself deeply curious to know more. However, it was not until nearly ten years later that we eventually met and decided to embark on this exhibition. Having imagined her work in my mind for so long, I am delighted to now have the opportunity to present it in my gallery. Georgie’s work spans several mediums and we believe it is essential to include her textiles, wallpapers and rugs alongside the works on paper. To understand Georgie’s work is to experience it beyond the confines of the picture frame. It is holistic and all-encompassing, immersing viewers in the elegant and often playful parallel universe that she creates. Materials like flowers, fabric, and food, often relegated to the purely decorative or domestic, are elevated here to the realm of fine art.