London Craft Week & Frieze Week 2020

Emma Crichton-Miller, The Design Edit, November 12, 2020

Emma Crichton-Miller includes our Frieze Masters presentation in her article, London Craft Week and Frieze Week 2020, for The Design Edit, 20th September 2020.


‘Over in Fitzroy Square, in an elegant townhouse space, print dealer Lyndsey Ingram and contemporary art dealer Tristan Hoare have turned their original Frieze Masters presentation – a dialogue between the early work of American twentieth-century master Ellsworth Kelly and the Korean Moon Jars of Kim Yikyung – into a more wide-ranging display of works on paper and ceramics.


The tightly-focused exploration of Ellsworth Kelly’s fascination for Korean ceramics has broadened to encompass an example of Neolithic Chinese pottery, a 17th-18th century ceramic Moroccan jug and a wooden Minianka sceptre from Mali, dating from the early 20th century. These are shown in conversation with Kelly’s lithographs from the early 1960s, and abstract American post-war graphic work on paper by Helen Frankenthaler, Jasper Johns and Donald Judd.’