The Chic Side of the Classics

Brian Noone, NetJets, January 13, 2021

This article focuses on the ‘youthful gallerists injecting new ideas into the market’ and who are ‘changing the industry’ and features Meconopsis baileyi II, 2019, by gallery artist Sarah Graham.


'Another London-based gallerist, Lyndsey Ingram, took a more traditional route. Starting her career in the prints department at Sotheby’s, she then spent more than a decade at Sims Reed, one of the British capital’s leaders in works on paper. She launched her own gallery in 2017 just a stone’s throw from Sotheby’s in Mayfair. Because she had a wide acquaintance with the industry before branching out on her own, her clients in the first few years, she says, have been “not that young”, which she attributes to working largely with established post-war artists, whose works aren’t cheap. Ingram’s entire staff is women, like Camille Sourget’s book team, but Ingram says she thinks in her field “gender might be less complicated than age. People respond differently to us than they do to a patrician man in a well-cut suit – sometimes that’s good for us, sometimes it’s not,” she continues. “And there are some of the older generation who can be quite critical of the younger generation and of tools like social media and the internet that didn’t exist 10 years ago.” Ingram notes that many people do find her via Instagram or Artsy, an online gallery, and that both have been “very powerful platforms” for growing her business both locally and internationally...'