My Favourite Colour is Rainbow

Wall Street International, February 17, 2018

My Favourite Colour is Rainbow at Lyndsey Ingram is a group show of graphic work by contemporary artists exploring the colour spectrum. The exhibition presents artists including Polly Apfelbaum, Damien Hirst, Peter Doig, Anish Kapoor, Ian Davenport, Olaf Nicolai, John Giorno and Mel Bochner.


This exhibition looks at the technicolour side of prints, which are often monochromatic. Presenting artists who are making work with a full range of colours and techniques, it explores the complexity and creative possibilities of printmaking. ‘It is exciting to bring together so many art works where vibrant colour is the defining aspect,’ says Lyndsey Ingram. ‘Each of these works shows how colour can be combined with different processes from screenprinting, to woodblock, to intaglio.'


Artists are manipulating different techniques to achieve sophisticated, dynamic results.’ Ingram notes that technically it is much more difficult to make colour prints than black and white because the artist needs to combine different inks and matrices. ‘Keeping the colour quality tight and clear and ensuring a consistent quality across the edition are all challenges that artists face when they make colour prints. The reason they go to such lengths is because the mark making they can achieve with prints – the texture and quality – is specific to that technique. For example, screenprinting produces a matte, flat quality of colour that you can’t achieve by any other means.’