The talk of the piers: what VIPs are buzzing about at the Armory Show

GARETH HARRIS, SARAH P. HANSON, The Art Newspaper, March 8, 2018

'On Pier 92, London-based Lyndsey Ingram Gallery is presenting a love letter to Manhattan via the 1960's screenprints of UK pop artist Joe Tilson, which depict New York landmarks such as the Empire State Building in lurid technicolour. Super-sizing paper ephemera such as postcards extolling the city's tourist landmarks, the artist placed the prints in transparent envelopes. But the key to his New York homage can be found on the reverse, where Tilson has outlined very specific instructions for how the works should be assembled and displayed, saying: “Mount envelopes and decals on a sheet of white paper… with the decals half out of the envelope. Do not follow the instructions on the backs of the envelopes.'