Georgie Hopton blooms at London’s Lyndsey Ingram Gallery

Emma Crichton-Miller, Financial Times, How to Spend it, February 9, 2019

'The artist’s garden in upstate New York acts as both palette and inspiration for her monoprints and collages, which will fill the gallery with figurative flowers and foliage this spring.'


For Georgie Hopton, there are no dividing lines between cultivating her garden, decorating her home and creating art – all take root in her intimacy with nature and an infectious delight in its everyday wonders. This spring (from February 27 to April 5), Lyndsey Ingram is giving over her gallery to an expansive display of Hopton’s work, called Georgie Hopton: Within a Budding Grove. The walls will be decorated with wallpaper based on her prints and hung with collages and monoprints (priced from £2,800 to £18,000) – even the carpets underfoot will feature her designs. All the works are inspired by the artist’s garden in upstate New York and are abstract and figurative, decorative and expressive.  


“Each summer I gather my excess crop, haul it into the studio and cut it up. Dried flower stems, harvested the season before, are crammed into vases; the Leatherleaf viburnum outside the door thicker and brighter despite my annual plucking, and the harvest heap, all await my usual pilfering and tinkering,” Hopton says of her process. “My work is a result of these riches and the now habitual printing that feels like a natural response to all this excess.”