JEREMY MARK, Grazia, September 26, 2019

'A beautiful woman, dressed in a sunshine-bright polo-neck sweater and trousers, her hair teased to within an inch of its life and not an eyelash out of place, sits sprawled on the chequerboard floor of a fuschia-pink, highlighter-yellow and pomegranate-red kitchen, her dinner plate smashed into pieces in front of her. At face value, I Only Want You to Love Me #1 is a gorgeously striking fashion photograph. But look a little deeper. Take in the model’s enigmatic expression, the dramatically shattered shards of china, and splattered food. Suddenly, this idyllic vision of suburban domesticity is not all that it seems. Why is she sitting like this? What caused her to drop her tray? What is she thinking? What is the story? Welcome to the glamorous, almost surreal, world of photographer Miles Aldridge, where we’re seduced by vivid colour and perfection, as captivating as it is unsettling.


Miles explains his photographic career happened “by accident.” He studied illustration at Central St Martin’s, and in the early ’90s began directing music videos for bands such as The Verve and The Charlatans. (Creativity runs in his family: his father Alan Aldridge was a prominent illustrator and graphic designer, most famous for his psychedelic designs for The Beatles, while his model sister Saffron and half-sisters Lily and Ruby have walked catwalks across the globe.'