Artists, Interrupted

Samantha Conti, Women's Wear Daily, April 8, 2020

'Art galleries worldwide may have shut, but the shows go on thanks to quick-thinking gallerists and artists willing to take risks.


In the age of lockdown, it’s not only shop floors and offices that have gone dark. Paintings are hanging in lonely galleries, pictures worth tens of thousands of dollars are stuck at the framers and artwork — much of which travels as freight on commercial flights — is now, in many cases, too expensive to transport.


Right now, on Bourdon Street in London’s Mayfair, there’s a unique show on, featuring complementary works by the married artists Georgie Hopton and Gary Hume. Hopton and Hume have been together for nearly three decades, but this is their first joint show, and it was curated by Hopton. It’s a mix of her photography and mixed-media work, inspired by vegetable gardens and nature, and his spindly charcoal drawings, colorful, graphic designs and collages.'