Four armchair art shows to enjoy online

FRANCESCA GAVIN, Financial Times, How to Spend it, April 8, 2020

'Armchair art viewing has exploded. Every major gallery is opening online viewing rooms, while in Vienna, the city’s galleries have come together to create a collaborative virtual space called Not Cancelled ( Looking at art on a screen may not be the same as walking through Chelsea or the West End, but video content alongside words and images helps bring the exhibitions to life. 


There’s just time to catch the joint show by artist couple Hopton and Hume at London gallery Lyndsey Ingram, entitled Hurricanes Hardly Ever Happen. Working in a sprawl of self-contained studios, both create work full of experimentation. Hopton is showing photographic close-ups of images of women with vegetables and flowers, as well as multimedia prints and collages. Hume has supplied graphic collages, charcoal drawings, pastel still lives and prints.'