Art and Soul – Sarah Graham

Hugh St Clair, House and Garden, November 14, 2020

'An artist and an art dealer's country house filled with paintings and heirlooms. It may be packed with paintings, but this Wiltshire house is far from an austere showcase, with 20th-century pictures, quirky curios and treasured heirlooms giving it a welcoming charm.'


'Mummy, quick, look,’ shouts Sarah Graham’s six-year-old daughter as she carefully carries a beetle in from the garden of their 18th-century house. Sarah is obviously delighted that her daughter shares her fascination with beetles, ladybirds and spiders. A celebrated painter of exotic plants, flowers and insects in large scale, she has just taken delivery of a new monograph of her work following a recent exhibition in London, which she proudly shows to her interested daughter.


Sarah and her husband, art dealer James Holland-Hibbert, and their two young daughters have enjoyed the summer holidays in their Wiltshire village house surrounded by good mid-20th-century British art and Sarah’s collection of antique prints of insects and flowers, which provide inspiration for her.'