The London Original Print Fair 2018


Suzy Murphy – Monoprints

Press Release

‘The printing has helped my work so much. The lines have to be clear and sure in the print and its spilled over into painting. Monoprinting requires focus and energy and decisiveness – which I have learnt from. Its given me clarity and courage, for sure.’ – Suzy Murphy

Lyndsey Ingram is delighted to return to the London Original Print Fair this year to present the debut print show of London artist Suzy Murphy (b. 1964). Known for her highly sought-after paintings that treat memories of landscape as an evocative self-portrait of her inner experience, Murphy has recently begun working in monoprint.

Trained at St Martin’s, Murphy has painted her entire life and began making monoprints two years ago when she was drawn to the medium for its spontaneity. In a monoprint the marks can only be made once, unlike in editioned prints, so each work is unique with a painterly, gestural quality. ‘You only get one chance, one print,’ says Murphy. ‘You can’t go back – it’s now or never – I love that. Sometimes I do a whole series of the same image, adjusting it. I go into the print studio with an image in mind and draw it directly on the plate – it will take about half an hour and then I print it. Often it will be a subject that I’ve been painting or thinking about. But sometimes I create something completely unrelated – you’re always inventing on some level.’

For Murphy, monoprints echo the freedom she finds in painting since she is able to work outside of the picture plane defined by the plate mark. The printed image becomes the foundation upon which she builds the final piece, with layers of additional hand-painting in oil.

Many of Murphy’s subjects relate back to small, quick sketches from the extensive visual diaries she has kept since childhood. They also relate to subjects seen in her painting. The artist has travelled extensively in the United States and Canada and she transfigures her memories from road trips across the country into spare, haunting images.

‘These are all self-portraits. I really don’t see them as landscapes,’ says Murphy. ‘They are just me using the land as a dialogue of what I feel. They represent my internal landscape. They are things and places I’ve experienced and passed through. But because I paint from memory, I only remember a place in the way I encountered it emotionally. I talk a lot about memory in my work.’

A departure from the landscape theme are the simple, elegant ‘Toby was a Girl’ monoprints in memory of her childhood pet. ‘I got a puppy when I was seven and no one told me what sex it was, so I named it Toby and was very close to her. Then I spent the rest of the dog’s life explaining she was a girl!’

As part of the London Original Print Fair VIP programme, Suzy Murphy will present a talk on her inspirations and processes on Lyndsey Ingram’s stand at 6.30 pm on Thursday 3rd May.

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Lyndsey Ingram will also present a selection of important post-war and contemporary British and American prints, including work by Ellsworth Kelly, Alex Katz, David Hockney, Joe Tilson, Bridget Riley and David Shrigley.