Past Exhibition

I Won't Look Away, 2019

Suzy Murphy | I Won’t Look Away | 2019

The gallery’s winter show will be a solo presentation of new oil paintings and hand-painted monoprints by British artist Suzy Murphy.

Trained at St Martin’s, Murphy has painted her entire life. Many of her subjects relate to small, quick sketches in the extensive visual diaries she has kept since childhood. The artist has travelled extensively in the United States and Canada and she transfigures her memories from road trips across the country into emotive images.

‘These are all self-portraits. I really don’t see them as landscapes,’ says Murphy. ‘They are just me using the land as a dialogue of what I feel. They represent my internal landscape. They are things and places I’ve experienced and passed through. But because I paint from memory, I only remember a place in the way I encountered it emotionally. I talk a lot about memory in my work.’

The exhibition will run from the 15th November – 20th December 2019.

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