Past Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition: Harbour Island 2020


Harbour Island | Suzy Murphy | 11th – 22nd May 2020

Lyndsey Ingram presents Harbour Island, a selection of paintings and monoprints by Suzy Murphy made from her travels to the Bahamian retreat. Murphy keeps extensive visual diaries of her trips then translates these miniature oils and charcoal sketches into finished works once back in her London studio. View Suzy Murphy’s Harbour Island diary here.

David Flint Wood writes –

This island is by even West Indian standards, ridiculously pretty: sorbet coloured houses with their storm shutters in the town; coconut palms; walled gardens; mango trees overhanging narrow streets and a beach the colour of peach skin…all of the tourist brochure stuff is here.

But islands are by definition ‘insular’ and the ambiguity of closed-off settlements where people are bound together yet crave privacy; where they are surrounded by thousands of miles of ocean – the infinite horizon – and yet the paper-thin walls of houses, separated by yards, only muffle the amorous whispers and arguments.

The pretty-as-pink, colonial house surrounded by a jungle that seems to step in closer as at dusk in Suzy’s ‘The Edge of the Lawn’; the way night drops like a cloth after blinding sunshine in ‘Of Darkness’.

‘Hiding Under Trees’, ‘This is My View’ and ‘Hanging’ all return to familiar Suzy Murphy territory of the attendant truck or car… they could be simply parked in shade; waiting for work to finish … or just waiting… are they empty or carrying islanders murmuring in Joseph Conrad’s: “soft voices … boasting with composure, joking quietly.

View e-catalogue here.

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