Lyndsey Ingram | Women's Wear Daily

Samantha Conti writes about how the gallery has adapted to the current health crisis by taking our forthcoming exhibition programme online in her article ‘Artists, Interrupted’ – 

‘Ingram’s gallery now has a lineup of two-week, virtual exhibitions that will run through the beginning of June, featuring the artists Tom Hammick, David Hockney, Suzy Murphy and Sarah Graham. Each will have a different look: Murphy’s will show her in the studio, and there will be music and voiceover. Hammick’s will feature his tech gadgets, his own voice and lots of close-ups of his work.

The gallery’s upcoming shows celebrate the outdoors and the idea of escape, and offer glimpses of everyday home interiors. None of it, however, was created for an audience under quarantine. That’s just a coincidence.

Hammick’s show, “Atlantica,” which opens on April 13, shows boats, like paper cutouts, streaking across the water, past small islands or under big moons, while Hockney’s prints, which go on show April 27, are a collection of sparkly swimming pools, hats, flower pots, vases and eyeglasses.

Suzy Murphy’s bright, smudgy oil paintings of drooping palm trees against blue skies and water form part of her “Harbour Island” show, while Graham’s lush, unfurling flowers morphing into butterflies are a reminder that nature, at least, is not in lockdown.’

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