I-D | Miles Aldridge on working with Maurizio Cattelan, Gilbert & George and Harland Miller

The photographer’s new body of work sees him collaborate with a few iconic artists, to tell a story about the power of imagery.

Felix Petty


“A door opening is the beginning of many great stories,” Miles Aldridge says, when asked about an image of the artists Gilbert & George opening the front door of their house at number 12, Fournier Street. The collaboration with Gilbert & George forms one third of Miles’ new exhibition, (after), recently opened at London’s Lyndsey Ingram Gallery.

Storytelling is at the heart of much of the work in (after) — which transforms the work of sculptor Maurizio Cattelan and painter Harland Miller, alongside Gilbert & George, into the raw material of Miles’ photographic work. He creates surreal images of Maurizio sculptures confronted by an otherworldly nude female or imagines Gilbert & George in a chamber drama, playing host to a mysterious androgynous visiter. Harland Miller’s large scale paintings of book covers are turned into paperbacks and found in the hands of kitsch 50s pin ups. “I think it’s a mark of great confidence, and beautiful modesty, for an artist to let another do this to their work,” Miles adds.

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