Nature Magnified: Sarah Graham in House & Garden Magazine

Hugh St Clair writes about artist Sarah Graham’s creative process, finding inspiration in nature and her work/life balance in October’s edition of House & Garden, ahead of her first New York show on the Upper East Side in November. 

‘…The natural world was very much part of Sarah’s childhood. She recalls her mother’s luxurious magnolias and her father’s vivarium full of grass snakes and stag beetles. At Saltwood Castle in Kent, the home of her godmother Jane Clark, she saw the landscapes of artist Graham Sutherland. She found ‘his dark and mysterious paraphrases of nature’ compelling and was fascinated by the ambiguity between plant and animal forms. ’Sutherland always sits on my shoulder as a lodestar. If I feel lost with finding something to draw, I will turn to one of his images…’ 

Sarah Graham, New Works‘ will run from Saturday 12th – Sunday 19th November 2016 at our temporary space, 17 East 76th Street, New York.