Prettly: 10 Questions with Lyndsey Ingram

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Lifestyle brand Prettly asks Lyndsey Ingram about the art world, prints, and running a new gallery…

We were lucky enough to be able to interview Lyndsey Ingram, who has recently founded her own gallery: Lyndsey Ingram! After years of working in the art field, Lyndsey Ingram was launched earlier this year at The London Original Print Fair 2016. Team Prettly and Lyndsey got talking about art, work, life lessons and beauty tips. Read on to see what advice she has to give!

Describe yourself in a sentence.

Oh dear, I don’t think I can?!

You’ve worked in the art market for many, many years. What is your favourite thing about working in the art market in London?

My favourite thing about working in the art market in London is that I get to see so much. Art is all connected – old, new, good, bad, from the earliest cave drawings to the most cutting edge video installation, all of it is connected and I think it is so important to always, always be looking. Living in London, you can see every kind of art there is, every single day. That is the best part of working here, the privilege of seeing so much.

You’ve just launched your own business, tell us more about Lyndsey Ingram.

Lyndsey Ingram is a gallery specialising in prints and works on paper from roughly the Second World War to the present. There is a big misunderstanding that prints are reproductions – they absolutely are not! They are lithographs, etchings, screenprints, etc and they are very much works of art in their own right where the artist has chose that medium for a specific reason, just like a sculptor might choose to work in bronze or in marble depending on what they are trying to achieve. Everything we sell, we love and I think that is a really important part of the business – we have chosen it and we are passionate about it. I hope this comes through in the way we present our pictures and ourselves.

What is a typical day like for you and what is the best part of your job?

Days change a lot, when I am in London there is a lot of time at my desk – hopefully buying and selling! I am often out and about seeing people and there is a bit of a joke about how many times a day I meet someone for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at my local cafe – but it is all part of the job! When we are doing an art fair the days have a different pace – I try to exercise every morning, then get ready, then often long long days on the fair stand, then bed as early as possible (which is usually quite late). I love art fairs, but they are exhausting. I think the best part of the job is working so hard to find beautiful pictures and then having the chance to show them at a fair, I always feel so proud of the pieces we have assembled and I am so pleased to show them.

Do you foresee any trends for the art market in general? What about for prints and works on paper?

The market is changing all the time but that is just life, we all move along with it. We are lucky that almost all of the important Post War artists were very active and engaged print makers – everyone from Picasso to Hockney made wonderful, wonderful prints. As the market for their unique works becomes unattainable for most people, there is more and more attention being given to the prints, which is great. These are important and beautiful works of art – they deserve the attention!

What is the best piece of advice given to you?

My father has always told me to do what you love and has always supported me in my career. He was a passionate sailor as a young man and managed to go on to have a very successful career in the yachting industry. He works very hard but he also get to enjoy his job. I have always really admired that about him and because of him, I have always believed it was possible to make a living doing what you love.

Tough question time: what’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned in business over the years?

You have to be true to yourself and you have to recognise, and trust, your instincts. It sounds easy but, in fact, its the hardest thing to do.

Do you have any tips for achieving work / life balance?

Balance is SO important. You have to be careful, all the time, to listen to you body and to respect it. You are no good to anyone (and certainly no good to your business) if you are tired, unhealthy, or unhappy. I leave sometimes in the middle of the day to do a yoga class or see my pilates teacher. I used to worry I was setting a bad example for my colleagues and then I realised actually, it was a good example because I was valuing my well-being, which ultimately makes me a better worker and a better boss. I work a lot, for sure, but I am always aware of balance, it is essential.

Standard beauty question time: What’s your best-kept beauty secret?

I use the same moisturiser that my grandmother used – Oil of Olay – and I love it.

What’s one of your favourite apps or websites, for making the lives of busy women easier? (Other than Prettly for your mobile beauty needs of course!)

Prettly, of course! Otherwise, I have to admit, I am not a great app user – I love Uber (doesn’t everyone) and I love my on-line banking app. I am addicted to Instagram (again, isn’t everyone?) and that’s about it! I think that’s the thing, I am too busy to spend that much time on my phone…