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Financial Times Weekend: Hockney Early Etchings

Melanie Gerlis covers our show in her column in the Financial Times Weekend (18th February 2017)  Read the full article here.    


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Hockney show ‘a must’ in Apollo Magazine

Susan Moore describes our Hockney early etchings show as ‘a must’ in her article in Apollo Magazine below: Fish and chip shops may not be the obvious place to find a work of art – except, perhaps, in Yorkshire. In 1954, the 17-year-old David Hockney made a lithograph of his local chippie, The Sea Catch, around […]


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Colour, Heat and Sex: David Hockney at Tate Britain Reviewed

Laura Freeman describes our survey of Hockney’s early etchings as ‘an important companion show’ to the Tate’s retrospective in The Spectator. Read the full article below: No Californian could have painted Hockney’s pools. No La-La Land artist, raised on sun and orange juice, would have done tiles and diving boards and tan-lined bottoms as the boy […]


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Wall Street International covers Hockney

Wall Street International covered our Hockney early etchings show online yesterday. Read the full article here.  ‘…I started doing graphic work in 1961 because I’d run out of money and I couldn’t buy any paint, and in the graphic department they gave you the materials for free. So I started etching, and the first I did […]




Hockney in The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times (12th Feb 2017) recommends a visit to our early etchings show, alongside the Tate Britain’s retrospective. The show is a wonderful opportunity to see a collection of his formative works and earliest printmaking endeavours, whilst at London’s Royal College of Art and in the years immediately following this during his first trip to […]


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Hockney on Monocle Arts Review Radio

Kathleen Fox-Davies recommends our Hockney early etchings show on Monocle 24 Radio! You can listen to this episode, along with other exhibitions to go and see in London here.  The show continues until 10th March 2017 at Hazlitt Holland-Hilbert, 38 Bury street.


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Hockney early etchings featured on Art Daily

Art Daily covers our David Hockney early etchings survey show – open now: The first-ever exhibition of David Hockney’s complete early prints (1961-1964) opened at Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert. This exhibition is a collaboration between specialist post-war print dealer Lyndsey Ingram, whose new London gallery space opens later in 2017, and James Holland-Hibbert, an established dealer in modern and […]


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Hockney review in today’s London Evening Standard

Ben Luke reviews our David Hockney early etchings show in today’s London Evening Standard: Prints are absent from Tate Britain’s Hockney retrospective, opening next week, so this is a welcome show. It gathers etchings made in his shift from precocious student to professional artist, crucial works in his trajectory: through them, he realised he could make […]


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‘Hockney’s that aren’t only for the rich’ by Colin Gleadell, The Daily Telegraph

Read Colin Gleadell’s write up of our upcoming collaborative Hockney print retrospective with Hazlitt Holland-Hilbert below, as published on page 22 of the Daily Telegraph today! The Tate’s forthcoming retrospective ignores the artist’s prints – but the market for them is thriving, says Colin Gleadell Jungle Boy, an etching with aquatint made by Hockney in 1964, […]